MapleSim Ropes and Pulleys Library MapleSim绳索与滑轮模型库


MapleSim绳索和滑轮模型库允许您轻松创建绞盘和滑轮系统,作为机器开发的一部分。使用 MapleSim这个模型库,您可以对绳索和滑轮系统的动力学建模,并查看系统性能的增强型3D可视化效果。使用绳索和滑轮模型库,通过绳索、链条、电缆、滑轮等为机器模型增加保真度。


  • 使用定滑轮和动滑轮、绞车、绳索、链条和电缆之类的部件来创建2-D和3-D滑轮系统。<
  • 考虑绳索和滑轮系统的实际行为,包括滑轮打滑、链条质量、电缆弯曲和风荷载。
  • 通过3d可视化探索系统性能,使用代表力的箭头和颜色显示物料流动和系统张力。


Application Area: Cable-Driven Robots

Cable-driven robots are often the best choice when designing machines for high maneuverability or managing very heavy loads. However, just like any industrial machine, these designs need to be optimized for both performance and safety. By using the MapleSim Ropes and Pulleys Library, engineers can get high-fidelity simulation data of their cable-driven robot systems, reducing the time and cost needed for physical prototyping. Simulations are completed in minutes – not hours, or days – and allow engineers to quickly test multiple designs for safety, performance, and more.

Use the Ropes and Pulleys Library for modeling and simulation of your cable-driven robots involved in:

  • Logistics – Maximize machine cycle times by testing PLC code against a virtual model
  • Civil Engineering Projects – Quickly validate machine behavior long before physical prototyping
  • Heavy-Duty Systems – Validate performance and find design issues faster
  • Construction – Validate safety limits for machine performance without risking machine damage
  • Dangerous Site Conditions – Reduce chance of machine failures on-site by testing site conditions virtually

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