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Table of Contents

1 Introduction

In this Chapter

1.1 Prerequisites



1.2 Installing MapleNet Publisher

1.3 General Notes

2 Developing Java-based Applets for MapleNet

In this Chapter

2.1 Writing Java-based Applets

Maple Notes

2.2 Compiling Java Code

2.3 Creating a JAR File

2.4 Creating an HTML Page

Specifying Parameters

Loading the Web Page

2.5 Publishing Applets to the MapleNet Server

3 Developing Maplet Applications for MapleNet

In this Chapter

3.1 Writing a Maplet Application Compliant with MapleNet


3.2 Creating an HTML Page

Specifying Parameters

Loading the Web Page

3.3 Publishing Maplets to the MapleNet Server

4 Developing JavaServer Pages for MapleNet

In this Chapter

4.1 Prerequisites

4.2 Creating MapleNet JSP Content

4.3 Page Setup

4.4 Using Maple Tags

Initialization Tag

Statement Tag

Code Tag

Assign Tag

Plot Tag

Release Tag

4.5 Examples

Integration Example

Plot Example

4.6 Publishing JSP Content to the MapleNet Server

5 Developing Worksheets for MapleNet

In this Chapter

5.1 Writing Worksheets for Use on MapleNet

Tips to Improve Worksheet Layout

Tips to Improve Worksheet Performance

5.2 Passing Parameters to the Worksheet

5.3 Client Considerations

Browser Support

Memory Limitations

Delay on First Use

5.4 Server Considerations

5.5 Customization of the MapleNet Worksheet Interface

5.6 Publishing Worksheets to the MapleNet Server

6 Using MapleNet's Image Generation

In this Chapter

6.1 Description of Image Generation

6.2 URL Specification

URL Line Length Limits

URL Encoding

6.3 Usage

6.4 Examples

Math examples

Plot examples

7 Using MapleNet's Web Service

In this Chapter

7.1 MapleNet Simple Web Service

7.2 Web Services Description Language File

7.3 Methods Available in the MapleService Web Service


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